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What is Iki?

Iki is chic, smart, tasteful, refined, sophisticated, worldly. Iki (いき, often written 粋) is a traditional aesthetic ideal in Japan. Iki is an expression of simplicity, sophistication, spontaneity, and originality. It is ephemeral, romantic, straightforward, measured, audacious, smart, and unselfconscious. Iki is not overly refined, pretentious, complicated, showy, slick, or cute. At the same time, Iki may exhibit any of these traits in a smart, direct, and unabashed manner.

Just like our name implies, we aren’t pretentious or complicated – just clever, stylish and effective.

Web design isn’t a profession – it’s our passion.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Proudly Based in Ontario, Canada

We’re local business owners creating websites for other local business owners.

We’re very happy with how our website turned out! I would definitely recommend Iki Designs to anyone who’s looking for a website. They’re easy to work with and are absolutely amazing at building great websites, aesthetically and functionally.
Thanks again!

- RMS Glass

We’ve tried making our own website before, but allowing Iki Designs to handle the web development process is just so much easier and it's allowed us to focus on other areas of the business. We’re happy about the initial launch of our new website and look forward to bringing our e-commerce vision to life in the next iteration.

-MT Jewellers & Goldsmiths LTD.

Areas That We Specialize In

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